Duplicate Doctor

Duplicate Doctor 2.1

Duplicate Doctor finds and deletes duplicate files on your hard drives

Duplicate Doctor finds and deletes duplicate files on your hard drives

EasyTec Duplicate Doctor is an indispensable piece of software for users who find themselves with crowded folders or limited disk space and can't figure out the cause.

A cluttered hard drive slows you down, makes files harder to find and stops you from fully enjoying all your favored programs and media.

Duplicate Doctor helps you to diagnose where disk space can be reclaimed by removing copies or unnecessary files in bulk.

Duplicate Doctor’s Key Features:


It’s EASY to use

It’s ACCURATE, finds all dupes.

It’s SAFE, won’t kill your system.

30 days trial, all features, NO LIMITS.

100% money back guarantee

EasyTec Duplicate Doctor is a practical and easy to use utility that allows new and also experienced user to find and delete duplicate files that are wasting valuable space on their hard drives.

Duplicate Doctor


Duplicate Doctor 2.1

User reviews about Duplicate Doctor

  • CowKing

    by CowKing

    "Accurate little cleaner"

    Nice, quick and accurate tool. Easy on the eye and the wallet. I had no idea how many duplicate files can accumulate on ... More.

    reviewed on February 19, 2014

  • Annie Lang

    by Annie Lang

    "Really easy!"

    It does not much but it does it well and really fast. I do not use such software often so I do not want to learn everyth... More.

    reviewed on February 5, 2014